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Passing your driving test is not where your ‘behind the wheel’ experience ends; this is just the beginning.

When buying your own car the cost of insurance can be very expensive.

The reasons are:
Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving life. However, many insurers recognise Pass Plus, and give a discount.

Age doesn’t matter, it’s basically down to a lack of driving experience.

That’s where Pass Plus comes in.
Pass Plus gives you the chance to study many other aspects of driving hazards that you may encounter.

Town Driving

Driving in town can be daunting- Rush hour traffic, complicated junctions and traffic systems…. Learn the skills to deal with all of these situations and more.

All-weather Driving

Rain, Fog, bright sunshine, snow and ice – Find out how to drive safely in all different weather conditions you’ll face on the road.

Driving out of town

Country roads can harbour all kinds of hazards, from sharp bends and potholes to farm vehicles and animals in the road. Pass Plus covers these areas to help prepare you.

Night Driving

Dealing with dazzle, judging distance and speed, using your lights correctly – these are just some of the areas covered.

Driving on Dual Carriageways

To drive safely on fast, multi-lane roads you’ll need all of your skills of observation, concentration, anticipation and lane discipline.

Driving on Motorways

Motorways are like no other roads- Learn how to drive on them safely and correctly under expert supervision.

These links to the insurers currently taking part in PASS PLUS will enable you to check which company offers you the best discount. The saving could more than cover the cost of training.

When you contact them, you need to check that a PASS PLUS discount is available to you.

“Driver Active Pack”

We provide Driver Active Packs for all new learner drivers that include: Driver Records, Revision Sheets, Competency Sheets etc. We will help you to quickly and easily pass your test and become a safe and efficient driver. Not only do we offer expert tuition in the car we also provide free handouts and online training to help accelerate your progress towards passing your test.


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Block Booking Discounts

Save money when you book 10 lessons or more. Call now and book your first lesson and then Driving Standards Agency approved instructor, Paul Kirk will make your first driving experience on four wheels as enjoyable, easy and as safe as possible. The Burton on Trent based instructor also offers Pass Plus instruction and advanced driver training. Call for more details.

Customer Referrals

Recommend a friend and receive free lessons for yourself. Terms and conditions apply see instructor for details.


Passed first time with Paul, really great and friendly instructor, would highly reccomend to anyone looking to learn to drive
Jack Aylett

8+ people had recommended Paul to me as a Driving Instructor. I’m so glad I finally went with him after delaying learning to drive for 2 years. Paul is patient and adjusts to everyone’s individual learning needs. He’s a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.
Jess Harrison

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Latest Passes

Congratulations to Jack Aylett who is all smiles after passing his Driving Test today AT THE FIRST ATTEMPT WITH ONLY 3 MINOR FAULTS.
Well done Jack brilliant drive , It’s been a pleasure coaching you to your test , enjoy your new found freedom.

Congratulations to Jess Harrison for passing her Driving Test today with ONLY ONE MINOR FAULT.
Well done Jess great drive , It’s been a pleasure coaching you to your test , no more buses , enjoy your driving and keep safe.

Congratulations to Kristin Peckham who is all smiles after passing her Driving Test today with ONLY 5 MINOR FAULTS.
Well done Kristin excellent drive It’s been a pleasure coaching you , enjoy your driving and keep safe.

Congratulations to Kitty Shenton who passed her Driving Test today in busy Burton town with just a little help from Paul .
Well done kitty great drive in all that traffic , It’s been a pleasure coaching you through , enjoy your driving and stay safe.